FactoryOne Sherco Splits Ways With Steward Baylor Jr.

After starting the season off with a series of ups and downs, FactoryOne Sherco Racing has confirmed they have parted ways with Hodges, South Carolina’s Steward Baylor Jr.

This season saw Steward changing brands for the first time in his racing career by signing a deal to bring the French and Spanish motorcycle manufacturer to the premier classes of off-road racing here on the East Coast. Baylor Jr. started out the season strong grabbing second place at National Enduro’s opening round in Sumter, SC. However, his start to Grand National Cross Country would be a longer battle for a podium position.

Baylor Jr. and the FactoryOne Sherco team ran into mechanical issues at the first two GNCC rounds in SC and FL. While he showed that he had the speed to win races, he ultimately fell short of the podium until the third round in GA where he lead the majority of the race before ultimately losing the lead with three corners left to the finish; Bringing Sherco it’s first-ever overall GNCC podium finish with a second place result.

While neither party is able to provide a comment at this time, the seperation has been confirmed. We will continue to watch the situation and hopefully provide more information in the future.

Sherco motorcycles is a multinational SMEs as it is geographically divided into two subsidiaries in Western Europe. This company operates in the secondary sector of the economy, specifically in the motorcycle industry. It is particularly oriented towards off-road (off-road) vehicles. This French company is headquartered in Nîmes France and was created in 1998. The strategic choice was to create two plants, each producing a range of products which are specific and diametrically opposed to each other. Thus, the Spanish factory in Barcelona which was founded in 1998 specializes in the trial category, while the French factory, which was established in 2003, specializes in the rest of the production. Indeed, the company designs and produces off-road motorcycles in a semi-industrial scale, the firm has evolved into a niche sector. However, its development has led the company to move away from the trial class, and move into the enduro market. The Sherco range currently consists of nearly twenty different vehicles. The range is divided into two main categories, enduro and trial. The trial category consists of five models with displacements from 80 to 305 cubic centimeters and are all equipped with 2-stroke motors. The enduro category, meanwhile, consists of eight 4-stroke models with displacement of 250 to 510 cubic centimeters, and the 2-stroke models with displacement of 50 to 300 cubic centimeters.

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