2021 FIM ISDE Team USA Day One Update

Today marked the return of the FIM International Six Days Enduro after the 2020 event was forced into cancellation due to a global pandemic as the world dealt with the effects of COVID-19. 

As the Americans embarked into the hillsides of Northern Italy on Day One of the Six Day event, the Trophy Teams would all have quite a different look to them.  Coming off a dominant campaign in the last ISDE, just shy of two years ago, the World Trophy riders would only be returning half of its Championship Winning team.  Albeit a very strong half including the only two Americans to ever individually overall the event; Ryan Sipes and Taylor Robert.  Representing the other two spots of this year’s WT team is Layne Michael, who was a member of Team USA’s gold medal run in 2016 after replacing an injured Sipes, and newcomer to the team Johnny Girroir.

The Junior Trophy team that we saw battle down to the wire with Australia in 2019 to claim Silver will be completely new this year.  Cody Barnes joins the JT effort for his first time while his teammates Dante Oliveira and Austin Walton both make a step up to the JT team after taking a Club Team Gold medal together in 2019.

The Women’s Trophy team only returns one of its three World Champion members from 2019 with Brandy Richards returning.  Richards put in a solid week long ride in her last showing where she battled back and forth for the EW overall before ultimately taking the Silver individual medal.  Joining her is Rachel Gutish and Britney Gallegos who all hope to combine for a championship defending run this week in Italy.

Test One

Michael: 10th – 8’34.42

Sipes: 12th – 8’34.71

Oliveira: 14th – 8’35.00

Walton: 19th – 8’36.87

Robert: 20th – 8’36.91

Barnes: 26th – 8’41.98

Girroir: 29th – 8’44.12

Richards: 1st(EW) – 8’57.03

Gutish: 7th(EW) – 9’42.36

Gallegos: 14th(EW) – 10’06.45

Test Two

Robert: 9th – 8’01.90

Girroir: 10th – 8’02.29

Sipes: 11th – 8’06.32

Michael: 12th – 8’06.43

Barnes: 17th – 8’10.14

Oliveira: 30th – 8’16.65

Walton: 31st – 8’17.32

Richards: 1st(EW) – 8’51.09

Gutish: 4th(EW) – 9’03.46

Gallegos: 19th(EW) – 9’54.83

Test Three

Robert: 5th – 6’12.88

Michael: 14th – 6’15.64

Sipes: 16th – 6’17.57

Girroir: 18th – 6’19.48

Oliveira: 20th – 6’20.21

Barnes: 29th – 6’23.60

Walton: 46th – 6’28.08

Richards: 1st(EW) – 6’41.28

Gutish: 4th(EW) – 7’00.72

Gallegos: 13th(EW) – 7’11.64

Test Four

Sipes: 6th – 9’46.03

Robert: 8th – 9’46.51

Michael: 13th – 9’52.68

Girroir: 15th – 9’53.28

Oliveira: 17th – 9’53.66

Barnes: 24th – 10’04.61

Walton: 28th – 10’07.67

Richards: 1st(EW) – 10’50.54

Gutish: 4th(EW) – 11’15.62

Gallegos: 13th(EW) – 12’10.21

Test Five

Girroir: 7th – 8’03.00

Sipes: 9th – 8’05.11

Barnes: 12th – 8’05.91

Robert: 13th – 8’08.22

Oliveira: 18th – 8’10.89

Michael: 26th – 8’15.03

Walton: 34th – 8’18.98

Richards: 1st(EW) – 8’54.72

Gutish: 2nd (EW) – 9’05.12

Gallegos: 18th(EW) – 10’12.73

Test Six

Michael: 4th – 8’31.28

Robert: 5th – 8’31.30

Oliveira: 6th – 8’32.52

Walton: 8th – 8’32.68

Sipes: 11th – 8’34.41

Barnes: 18th – 8’41.32

Girroir: 33rd  – 8’47.99

Richards: 1st(EW) – 9’08.39

Gutish: 4th(EW) – 9’47.79

Gallegos: 15th(EW) – 10’23.85

Currently the USA WT team sits in 3rd place.  .27 seconds back from Spain and 52.64 from the leaders, Team Italy.

The JT team also sits in 3rd, 1.76 seconds back from France and 1’07.61 from the leaders, Team Italy.

The WT currently leads with Spain 3’18.18 back in second and Great Brittain 3’30.35 behind in 3rd.

Stay tuned to OnThePipePodcast.com throughout the week for updates and keep up with live timing and scoring at https://fim-isde.com/2021-results/

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